Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth is a dance artist, film maker and PhD candidate based in the UK.

Her work explores identity, proximity and the subtleties of the camera lens as a choreographic tool.  Stacie explores the use of digital tools, specifically audio-visual recording and post-production techniques as a way to deepen artistic reflection and critical investigation in performance.




Since May 2015 Stacie has been collaborating with choreographer Bethan Peters to develop Who is the Land, a well-travelled dance and film collaboration that investigates the ever-changing landscapes and coastlines that exist where the land meets the sea.

The project explores ‘hidden gems’ around the UK and observes the cultivation of choreography in these unique places. Taking a sensitive approach to the environment and experiencing the fragile beauty of these varying terrains, the work observes what we take from the land and the traces we leave behind. The locations that feature in the film includes: Gower Peninsula, The Isle of Arran, South coast of Cornwall and Whitby.

The film, which just finished its stint at the National Maritime Museum, London is part of an installation that will include responses from people who reside in and visit the places Stacie and Bethan travelled to.The installation has been developed in conjunction with Bethan’s yearlong choreographic residency at Royal Museums Greenwich, which is centred around the theme of exploration and discovery.

To view a section of the work, please click here.



Stacie recently collaborated with Emily and Luke of Forged Line Dance Company at the William Herschel Museum in Bath. They spent the day at the museum exploring the material from their performance LINA that premiered in 2017.

LINA is a work that delves into the caring yet complex relationship between William and Caroline, where family ties are tested by individual ambition. Music merges into science, art becomes mathematics, and a brother and sister, far from home, change how we see the universe forever.

The collaboration has involved recording and developing a short-film which will form part of the LINA tour later in the year.




Email : info@stacieleebennett.com
Phone : 07969741316