Stacie is a Yorkshire born, Kent based dance artist, film maker and researcher interested in visual arts, performing arts practice and digital technology.

Her research areas span topics of arts education, theatre and performance, digital performance, digital technology and arts for pro-social change.


Stacie is currently working on her PhD study researching Digital Technology for Performing Arts Education.

The purpose of study is to evaluate the importance of digital creativity in the development of performing arts education as a tool for innovation and deeper exploration in relation to the national shortfall in digital performance capabilities of BTEC and A-Level Performing Arts students.

With the last decades steady decline of student intake in arts, design and performance subjects in mind, along with the increasing accessibility of high performing and intelligent digital technologies, Stacie is exploring the possible benefits of a creative digital pedagogy for increasing engagement and skills development in performing arts education.

This study will focus on providing opportunities for students to engage creatively with digital technology – sometimes simply their personal devices – to stimulate the development of digital skills and facilitate the creation of innovative and relevant performance work to prepare them for new and emerging disciplines at HE level and the evolving digital landscape of the arts world.


As a film maker Stacie has collaborated with Dance Artists, Performers, Directors and various companies to develop film, photography and visual art work for live performance, performance documentation, installation and the web.

I am interested in the relationship between the performer and the lens and the role of the camera, particularly in rehearsals and for self-development. I first began exploring film as an extension of my choreographic practice, finding a real affinity with the choreographic process of editing.

After working for a year at a digital web and graphic design agency in London, Stacie developed an interest in digital design and typography. She develops marketing materials, posters and art works for branding projects and as part of the ‘creative identity’ of her film projects.

Stacie also loves to draw and paint and has produced various artworks that have been inspired by – or indeed created by – movement and these have formed part of performance projects and installations.


Stacie began dancing at the age of 3, initially training and competing in Freestyle Disco, Urban and Rock and Roll styles.

In her teenage years Stacie began choreographing her own style of work, combining freestyle and contemporary dance styles with dance theatre forms for both competition and live performances. At 15 she began teaching her own creative classes, alongside a range of set techniques.

As she moved into adulthood Stacie focused primarily on contemporary techniques and really began to shape her choreographic voice; this consisted of dance theatre, live art and screendance forms which she refined whilst completing her MFA in Choreography.

Since graduating in 2013, Stacie has continued to work choreographically, some forms of which are more traditional than others. She has produced screendance works for physical and online installations, created digital film with performance artists and performed in live shows and performances.


Email :
Twitter: @staciebeesays